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Boat Engagement Stories

Surprise Proposals
4 Romantic Styles

Sailing is simply romantic! For the best marriage proposal, leave land behind. Let the wind and waves carry you away on a romantic boat ride for 2.

Romantic Proposal Wonderland

She knew they were going on a boat ride, and she probably suspected he would propose, but nothing prepared her for the surprise awaiting her onboard.

The adventure began as a typical sail down the Hudson River. They lounged on the sun pad soaking in the sights. She was surprised he didn’t propose there and then. When they moved to the deck lounge for Shrimp Cocktail, he still didn’t propose. Just as she accepted the disappointment of being on a boat rental for couples, without a proposal, surrounded by the romance of sailing over the water, he casually asked the captain about the cabin below deck. Normally the cabin door is open for the yacht to be explored, but for this special occasion the hatch was closed tight. “Can we go down there?” he asked innocently. The crew obliged, opening the door to unveil a luxurious lounge with wood paneling and pristine white yacht upholstery. This spacious hideaway was lavishly decorated with flower garlands, bouquets, pillows, and a “Will You Marry Me” sign front and center. The romantic scene took her breath away, and his proposal was a resounding success.

Yacht Engagement Shoot

For this proposal, the New York sailing tour was downplayed. Just a public sail, he said, omitting that the vessel was private, luxurious, with a professional photographer onboard.

How did he pull off the surprise? Captain and crew orchestrated the voyage to appear as a public sail, and the professional photographer was coached to blend in as just another passenger. 

Out on the water, the couple relaxed on the intimate sun pad at the bow of the boat, enjoying the views of New York City and the privacy. As they approached the Statue of Liberty, he knelt and revealed the ring, prompting the photographer to capture the full array of emotions—confusion, surprise, joy, excitement, and love. The proposal unfolded flawlessly, with photos to share with friends and family.

The Full Monty
Romantic Decorations From Bow to Stern

From shore, crowds stopped and cheered the sailboat adorned with rose garlands gliding into port. Clearly meant as a NYC romantic boat ride, she didn’t think this boat would be for her. Surely another lucky couple was having their day in the sun.

As they made their way down the dock to start their Statue of Liberty sailboat tour, they stopped to check out all the vessels lined up in row. Somewhere in the mix was their rental boat, SAGA. Only when they reached the end of the dock did it occur to her that the last boat, the Love Boat, was waiting for them. This was the moment. He dropped to his knee and proposed on the spot.

Together they floated away surrounded by red roses from bow to stern. The setting was picturesque from every angle. Even the cabin lounge below deck had been transformed into a private sanctuary just for the two of them, adding a touch of intimacy to the grandeur. Love was truly in full sail.

Birthday Party With A Twist
Surprise Proposal With Friends

Seeking an intimate proposal party with their closest friends, but without onlookers or gawkers, they chose a NYC boat rental for its seclusion while still staying in the heart of the city. They gathered friends under the guise of a private birthday cruise with cake and champagne and salutes. The last toast was particularly heart-felt, melting into a declaration of love, and then a proposal of marriage. Friends erupted into an ecstatic celebration. The moment was a true surprise, not even the captain knew in advance.

The glimmering lights, the skyline views, the joy, the love — no one wanted the celebration to end. They persuaded the captain and crew to keep sailing. And so they did, returning to the dock in the early morning hours.

Out on the water, the answer is always “Yes!”

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