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Postcard from 2020

a sunset over a body of water

Statue of Liberty Boat Tour

COVID-19 Quarantine: July 16, 2020

The Statue of Liberty is still under quarantine by the US National Park Service. Isolated since the beginning of COVID-19, she watches over a quiet New York Harbor. Gone are the large ferry boats packed with passengers and swarms of visitors at her pedestal. The steps leading up to her crown are silent. 

Yet some manage to visit her. The lucky few charter a private boat. They sail away from the city and float up to her pedestal. Out here they have a prized view of the world’s most iconic monument all to themselves. Creative souls determined to live life fully find ways to be together safely. Turns out sailing is one of the most popular COVID birthday ideas.

The magic of the moment might end when NYC moves into Phase Four of New York State’s reopening plan. Until then, Lady Liberty is an exclusive excursion for those who explore the world on a yacht.

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