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10 Best Reasons For Chartering A Yacht

a woman and man with sunglasses on the deck of a private sailboat charter in NYC with the World Trade Center and Manhattan skyline in the background

Often when we think of sailing on a private yacht, we envision being on the waters of the Caribbean or the Medittereanan. However, there’s another sailing destination closer to home than you think — New York Harbor.  

As an idea for an unforgettable city staycation, long-time New Yorkers can rekindle their love for NYC onboard a luxury chartered sailboat. Also, out-of-towners can go beyond the routine tour bus or dinner cruise by booking a once-in-a-lifetime, private experience. 

As a helpful guide, we’ve created a list of the top 10 reasons for chartering a boat:

  • You have a sailing crew all to yourselves.

While the cruising industry has slowed down due to the global pandemic, and tourism companies might be putting a limit on the number of attendees, a private chartered yacht provides a steady alternative. Your highly experienced captain and crew can attend to your needs and requests, from setting the course, to perhaps teaching you a thing or two about NYC or sailing.

  • You can select a catered menu.  

One perk of having your own crew to yourself is that you have a say in what food options are available during your cruise. Before your sailing date, our catering staff at Go Sailing NYC can speak with you about preparing a customized menu. Onboard your private cruise, your crew will set up a posh picnic with your selection of sweet and/or savory delectables and your choice of wine, beer and/or champagne.  

  • It’s cheaper than you think.

Don’t let this look of luxury fool you, as a chartered yacht can be within your budget. A private yacht excursion can meet your price level, schedule and interests. Another plus: the cost of booking a private sailboat charter is comparable to a group night out on the town. It can be equivalent to a set-course dinner at a Michelin-star restaurant, hard-to-get tickets to a Broadway show, or admission and souvenirs at a top-ranked public attraction.  

  • You’ll get amazing scenery. 

A luxury yacht charter with Go Sailing NYC provides a picturesque New York City backdrop along its waterfront. Our sailing excursions go within viewing distance of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, Little Island and other attractions and can be tailored to suit occasions such as a birthday or marriage proposal. Depending upon the captain’s advice, your vessel might be able to linger in a certain spot on the water, such as in proximity to a historical site. 

  • You can customize your schedule.

Usually, boat tours or other guided tours require you to be at a meeting point at a specific time. Oftentimes, there is limited availability and popular times sell out quickly. With a private boat rental, your time is your own. Sailing charters work with you to best accommodate your schedule and sailings range from two to four hours in length. 

  • You can go at your own pace.

If you want to take a break from the hectic pace of the city or time constraints, you’ll love relaxing on the deck of a private boat. Want to linger on board to catch that glorious sunset? The captain can advise on the best sailing times to see the day turn into dusk. Have plans later in the day? Consult your crew who can ensure you get back in time for making a dinner reservation or performance. 

  • You’ll receive local knowledge.

Your captain and crew also are often from and/or quite well acquainted with New York City and have knowledge about its history, geography and architecture. And, while on the water, they can alert you to when to get your camera phone ready for taking pictures of passing scenery. Your crew can also offer recommendations on where to go or what to do after your cruise has ended. Think of them as a private concierge who can recommend a great local restaurant or nightlife spot. 

  • You can set your social distance.

The global pandemic has not only changed personal and business traveling but also our personal interactions with one another. A chartered yacht experience naturally creates a “travel bubble,” in that you can feel reassured about being around people you know, and feeling comfortable with your surroundings. Also, it is possible to speak with the captain about on-board health and safety protocols relating to Covid-19, along with learning what the required mandates are locally. 

  • You can also avoid crowds.

Health and safety aside, who doesn’t like to avoid crowds while on vacation or around town? Along with a fun outing on New York City’s harbor, being on a chartered yacht can offer distance and seclusion. Imagine being able to avoid getting on a packed tour boat by instead having a private yacht to yourselves. Or the freedom to set a schedule based on off-peak hours and not having to be sure to make a guided boat excursion on time. 

  • Everyone can create a memorable experience.

It’s easy to assume that a chartered yacht experience is only for young single travelers. But they can also be a great option for families. Along with introducing the kids to water safety, marine life and New York City history, it lets parents and even grandparents unwind and spend time together under the same sail.

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