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Sunset Sail NYC

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Two Hours
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Private Sunset Sail NYC

The sunset cruise is a must-do New York City experience. Witness the greatest city of the world immersed in the colors of the sun. The sunset boat cruise grants you exclusive access to nature’s most spectacular light show. These sunset cruises of NYC provide unobstructed views of the dramatic color changes with a range and intensity not seen on land. Catch the unique play of light during the breathtaking New York City sunset cruises.

The sunset cruise of NYC is a serene city escape that’s sure to delight visitors, jet setters, and lifetime New Yorkers alike. Choose a curated experience. Feast on generous appetizers on the sun lounge. Host a sunset dinner cruise of NY on the deck lounge. Or throw a surprise party in the cabin lounge with table seating for six. Enjoy the champagne sunset cruise on a yacht in Manhattan.

Sunset sailing is magical. Experience the timeless mystique of stepping aboard a ship, hoisting the sails, and getting carried away by the winds to the unknown. NYC sunset cruises are an unprecedented opportunity to lose oneself in the sailing experience. 

Discover the quiet serenity of traveling by wind and water on a sunset boat ride. Feel the sun on your face and wind in your hair. Hear the far-off sound of a bell at sea. Marvel at the beauty of life from a boat at sunset. With a sunset sailboat cruise, you’re sure to fall in love with the world while discovering the world of sailing.


Sail Into The Heart Of NYC
Explore. Dream. Discover.


New York Sunset Cruise Includes

  • 2-hour to 3-hour sunset cruise of Manhattan.
  • Personalized sailing itinerary for your NYC sunset sail.
  • Panoramic views of all the must-see sights: Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Governors Island, Brooklyn Bridge, Financial District, Battery Park, Hudson River Waterfront.
  • Luxury sailboat amenities including sun lounge, spacious deck lounge with outdoor dining for six, heated & air-conditioned cabin lounge with additional table seating for six, sound system with Bluetooth connection, and lavatory.
  • Add on champagne, wine, beer and catering service. Elevate your sailing experience.
  • First-class service by captain and crew.

What To Bring On A Sailboat

  • Bring close family & friends. New York sunset cruises are an intimate and joyful adventure.
  • Wear yachting attire that’s comfortable, casual clothing ready for the day’s weather. Bring an extra layer as the temperature can be a little lower during sunset sails.
  • Got your phone and camera? You’re about to have the best boat sunset experience.
  • Make a playlist. Connect to our sound system with Bluetooth and make the Manhattan sunset cruise yours.

What NOT To Bring On A Sailboat

  • Leave fancy footwear at home. In warm weather we’re a barefoot boat. Shoes are stored safely during your sunset boat cruise of NYC.
  • Can you bring your pet? No, sailboats at sunset are not made for our furry friends. Please leave Fluffy at home.
  • How about work? Unless you’re entertaining clients or colleagues, this is your chance to truly escape on a sunset sail of New York. You deserve it.
  • Leave behind frenemies, critics, and scuttlebutts. The sunset sail of Manhattan is for sailors, not pirates.