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Romantic Boat Ride

Quick Details

Two Hours
sunsets & weekends
Three Hours

Private Romantic Boat Ride NYC

Everything you need for a romantic boat ride in NYC is here. Sail into the heart of New York City. Your personal captain will guide you to the most breathtaking locations. and pop the cork , crew providing champagne service, down to and  is curated experience with your own musical soundtrack played through our Bluetooth surround system, and  for your marriage proposal. You’ll be serenaded by your personal playlist on a surround sound system with Bluetooth connection. Popping the question is easier out on the water. With a luxury boat charter in NYC, the answer is always “Yes!”

heart pillows and marry me sign and flowers for a couple boat rides near me and New York City
Decorator Package

Rose garlands, decorative heart-shaped pillows, candles &, for the couples getting engaged, the essential “Marry Me” sign.
· $150 ·

red roses for a romantic boat ride in NYC

Bouquets of red roses presented in stylish boxes.
100% real roses delicately preserved to last an entire year, the perfect memento of your romantic boat ride.
$150 – $350

Pop the cork! 5-Star curated champagne and catering service is available for your romantic cruise. Make it a romantic dinner cruise served by professional crew. Order in advance and everything will be awaiting your arrival. Enjoy sailing New York with luxury amenities including a couple’s sun pad, deck lounge, as well as a heated and air-conditioned cabin lounge.

Your Love Story Begins On The Water

Sailing New York is the perfect celebration for two. A romantic sailing adventure aboard a private yacht is a luxurious moment that stirs the passions. Just the wind and water and breathtaking views of NYC. Start your lives together with your marriage proposal on a romantic boat under the ever-expanding sky. It’s a magical moment to remember forever.

Sail Into The Heart Of NYC
Explore. Dream. Discover.


Private Boat Rental of NYC Includes

  • 2-8 hour charter boat in NYC with a personalized sailing itinerary.
  • Breathtaking backdrop of NYC’s most stunning sights: Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Governors Island, Brooklyn Bridge, Financial District, Battery Park, Hudson River Waterfront.
  • Luxury sailboat amenities including couple’s sun lounge, spacious deck lounge, heated & air-conditioned cabin lounge with table seating, sound system with Bluetooth connection.
  • First-class service by captain and crew.

What To Bring On A Yacht

  • Don’t forget the ring!
  • Bring her favorite playlist. Connect to our sound system with Bluetooth and make the moment yours.
  • Wear yachting attire that’s comfortable, casual, and ready for the day’s weather.
  • Add  champagne, wine, beer and catering. Make it a romantic boat dinner in NYC.

What NOT To Bring On A Yacht

  • Leave behind gawkers, critics, and interlopers. This is an intimate and private boat cruise of NYC for couples and their closest friends and family.
  • Fancy footwear is for landlubbers. In warm weather we’re a barefoot boat. Shoes are stored safely during the sail.