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Chelsea’s Skyline Views

friends sunbathing during a sailboat charter of nyc with the Manhattan skyline

Tourists visit NYC to lose themselves in a forest of skyscrapers, but even the most immersive experience needs a balance. Thankfully Manhattan is an island and the concrete jungle stops abruptly at the end of every block. Some of the best views of the sky and glamorous sunsets are along the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway. At the water’s edge you can find pockets of green lawns and park benches to watch boats sailing on the Hudson. 

If partial views are not enough, reach higher with an airplane-level observation deck. Designed for tour groups and bucklist sightseeing, the Edge at Hudson Yards is worth the one-hour elevator wait, just be prepared to swim through a sea of Tiktokkers to find a viewing spot.

Want a bird’s eye view without the crowds? Catch an exciting helicopter tour just north of Chelsea Piers. At 1,000 feet in the air, you’ll buzz above the city like a bee.

New Yorkers tend to save the observation decks and helicopter rides for visiting family and friends. When locals want refreshing views, they head up to the roof or out on the water. 

Chelsea is dotted with intimate rooftop bars and restaurants. Each rooftop is a unique ecosystem of culinary delights, people, fashion, and cityscape.

Best of all is the private space and panoramic sky views on a Chelsea Piers boat rental. Sailing in NYC is surprisingly easy. With one step off the sidewalk, you are whisked away from the narrow confines of the city onto the magnificent Hudson River. Out here the sky fully opens without any obstacles. The waterway is so vast, you’ll feel the curvature of the earth. Sailing on the Hudson comes with 360 degree views.

Reclaim time and space for yourself like a local. Enjoy the endless views with the same champagne and catering service of a restaurant, minus the crowds of the observation deck. 

Let’s go sailing!


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