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Boat & Captain

Captain Martin

Captain Martin’s passion for sailing began more than 25 years ago with a simple day sail around the New York Harbor.

After exploring the nooks and crannies of the NYC archipelago, he headed north to Maine and south to St Lucia. In between are tales of hurricanes, doldrums, winged stowaways, and true mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle.

With more than 360 days at sea, he earned his USCG 100 Ton Master Captain’s License. He is an expert sailor and a NYC architecture guide. Sailing with the captain is a unique opportunity to explore the nautical world surrounding the island of Manhattan.

Let’s go sailing!

S/V Saga

Our namesake is Saga, the Nordic goddess of history and storytelling.

The legend of Saga begins with the original Cinderella story of indentured servitude but with a twist. She didn’t run away with a handsome prince but escaped with a troupe of traveling entertainers who dabbled in lying, cheating and stealing. Eventually Saga stopped entertaining and focused entirely on theft and cruelty. She became infected with “Dwarven Dragon’s Disease” — scaly skin, venomous words, and an acidic spit that burned through metal. She saved herself by giving back the stolen goods and humbling herself as a freak show performer. Once she regained her humanity, she resolved to only tell stories that inspire and enable the soul. Saga retired next to a river and was visited frequently by Odin, a Nordic god. Together they drank ale and told lots of stories.

Let’s continue in her tradition of drinking ale and telling stories.