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Boats & Captains

Captain Martin

USCG Licensed Captain

Captain Martin has over 25 years of sailing under his belt. He loves sharing the passion of sailing with others. His love affair with the sea began with a casual day sail with friends in the NY Harbor. Little did he know that this adventure, only a couple of blocks from his apartment, would change the trajectory of his life. He spent years exploring the NYC archipelago before taking to the high seas on private boat trips up to Maine and south to St. Lucia. In between are tales of hurricanes, doldrums, winged stowaways, and the Bermuda Triangle.

After 360 days at sea, he earned his USCG 100 Ton Master Captain’s License. He is an expert sailor and a NYC history and architecture guide. Sailing with the captain is a unique opportunity to explore the nautical world surrounding the island of Manhattan.

Let’s go sailing!

Sailing Vessel (S/V) SAGA

Private Sailboat Rental NYC

Sailors always love a good story, and our namesake, the Nordic Goddess Saga, has the best story of all. The story of Saga began much like Cindarella’s, as a servant in her own family, but the narrative takes a non-Disney twist. Instead of eloping with a handsome prince, she escaped with a troupe of traveling entertainers, where she learned to lie, cheat and steal. Becoming too cruel for the troupe, she drifted alone, succumbing to “Dwarven Dragon’s Disease” — scaly skin, venomous words, and corrosive spit. Saga cured herself by returning stolen goods and humbling herself as a freak show performer. Once she regained her humanity, she committed to sharing inspiring stories to lift up the soul. Odin, the Nordic God, visited Saga frequently by the river to exchange stories and lots of ale. Now that’s a tale a sailor can appreciate!

Motor Vessel (M/V) KARLA

Private Motorboat Rental NYC

Our sister ship, motor vessel KARLA, is a boutique private yacht for intimate parties with 2-6 guests. New York’s only true convertible yacht, she boasts an open floor plan and unobstructed views, plus a cabin lounge with table seating for six. KARLA yacht rentals offer the same champagne and catering menu as SAGA, with the same 5-star service. Try both yachting tours!